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Available Short UK Domain Names

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you source your data?

Our data is obtained over a long period of time by querying the internet DNS services. If DNS reports no such domain we have assumed the domain is available. This might not be 100% accurate but as Nominet (the UK domain registration authority) terms and conditions prohibit bulk WHOIS searches this was the only way we could collate this information.

Do you perform bulk automated WHOIS lookups?

No. Absolutley not as this would be against Nominets terms and conditions.

Do we have to register these domain names through your site?

No. We do not sell domain names. Domains on this site can be registered directly with Nominet or with a wholesaler (which is usually much cheaper than going to Nominet directly) such as

I tried to register a domain name which your site said was available but was told it was already registered?

Sorry about this. Because of the way the data is collected it is not always 100% accurate. It is also possible that someone else has registered the domain since the last time our database was refreshed. This site is only intended as a guide and we do not provide any warranty what so ever as to the quality of the data on the site. Having said that we have had many people who have used this site to find their perfect three letter UK domain name.

Who owns this site?

This site is run by Matthew Bohan, A senior systems developer for a large financial blue chip company with over 10 years experience working in the IT industry. This site is run in Matthew's spare time as a service to other internet users.